28 January 2015

2 months

Bingham is almost three months old. Time is literally flying by. Its scary. Anywho, Bingham is 2 months old. He loves to sit up and look at everything going on around him. He loves to be talked to and will always show you with wide open mouth smiles and his deep raspy coos. He is such a little boy. Not one feminine thing about him. He likes tummy time but also likes to roll from him tummy to back. I think its a game... I lay him down and he see's how quickly he can roll himself over. But then he wants flipped back to his stomach so he can do it again. I've never seen such a happy kid. Always smiling and contently checking out the world around him. He will smile for just about anyone... but he saves the best ones for his mama. Its like he is so excited to see me he is going to burst. There's something different about the way a boy loves his mom. I always knew Elsie loved me, and I love her more than I could ever describe. But this little boy loves and is loved in a whole different way. I'm sure each child will be like that I guess... Well here are some pictures of my favorite little guy.

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