18 April 2012

10 things

This week marks the end of my first trimester. I am finally starting to feel normal again! I swear these 12 weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy. A dizzy, nauseous, always sleepy, every smell makes me gag, and every rude comment makes me cry, kinda crazy. But into the second trimester we go and goodbye to hormonal erika... for a least a few months i hope, for chase's sake.

Things I've learned while growing this babe:

1. Eggo waffles are the next best thing after cold cereal.

2. Soda tastes wayy better when you know you probably shouldn't be drinking it.

3. According to baby book, a small plum is half and inch? Not sure how that works

4. Target is the best store, for everything.

5. Sometimes the doctor makes you wait over 30 minutes on the examination table with 32 oz of water in your bladder. Clean up in room 5

6. Careful when you sneeze, or a change of pants will be necessary.

7. If you don't take a nap, you will fall asleep at 8 o'clock.

8. Baby shopping isn't fun when you don't know the gender.

9. Every baby you see will make you tear up. You're gonna have one of those in just a few short months!

10. The girls are growing at rapid speed. Husband is thrilled.


Caitie Mellarkk said...

I'm so glad your pregnant, because your child will have the best parents ever. Here's a neat little blog you might like, this gorgeous woman has had a baby and is currently pregnant again: theleefamilyhappening.blogspot.com

Yes. I would love to send you a gift when you find out the gender, lemme know! :)


Kristin said...

love this. :)
ah yes, the girls. I believe Cam said (when I was about 7 months along) "So, after the boys get here, you'll be skinny AND your boobs will get even bigger? Awesome."
Also, I hear ya on the baby shopping. It's also not fun to do crafts. It's SO hard to do anything gender neutral...because you either want ruffly and girly or ALL boy. Week 20 will be here before you know it!

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