20 March 2014

Home Tour: Bathroom

Now its probably weird to feature a bathroom on a home tour... But I really like our bathroom. We have another bathroom in the master bedroom but it is so small. So that bathroom is Chase's and this bathroom is Mine & Elsie's. Plus its the bathroom any guests would use. Enjoy!!
This is the view from the hall. Rugs are from IKEA and are AMAZING!
Shower curtain was a lucky find at Ross. Frame and Plants from IKEA.
I love the look of this vanity, but in the future I would definitely want cupboards instead of open space beneath the sink.
Towel rack from IKEA. If you guys havent noticed yet I am obsessed with IKEA.
'Get Naked' vinyl made by my mother in law.

Im not sure which room will be next. The guest room and master still need some work... Stay tuned to find out!


Megan Anderson said...
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Essie Reed said...

Your bathroom looks lovely! It seems very cozy and spacious, which is perfect for your growing family. The colors are absolutely wonderful, and that shower curtain is very charming. Featuring your bathroom in that mini home tour series was a great idea. Thanks for sharing that! All the best! :)

Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement

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