01 October 2013

I never want to forget

I pick her up and her little arms wrap around my shoulders, her legs around my stomach. Her head tucked under my chin. She gives me three tight squeezes and then pats my back. Its like she cant get close enough or squeeze tight enough.
When I open her door to get her out of her crib in the morning, she starts smiling, giggling and jumping up and down. Her happiness melts me and I don't mind that the sun is barely peeking over the mountains.
She likes cupboards and pulling everything out of them. She loves soft and fuzzy things, always wanting to rub her face on them. When it comes to eating, this girl is the bomb. She will eat anything. Her favorites are squash, avocado, refried beans, chicken. 
Her most favorite things are books. She will go into her room and pull one book from the bookshelf, "read" each page, and then go back for the next book. She giggles and laughs while looking at the books with flaps, or interactive ones with touch and feel. She will turn the page and instantly feel the bumpy train, or the rusty funnel. Squeal with delight and then turn the page.
Before bed each night we sit on her floor, she grabs a book, comes and sits in either mine or Chase's lap and sits quietly while we read, turning the page when its time. I know she's tired when she starts rubbing her eyes and wants to hold her blanket while we read. I pray she keeps this love for books.
When I finally put her in bed, she always gives me the biggest smile as I pull her blanket up over her. I tell her I love her and goodnight. As I walk out she turns over so she can still see me. I tell her goodnight once more and close the door.
Ohh I love her.


Rachel Sorensen said...

So sweet. What a wonderful little mother you are Erika! I remember when YOU were her age! I love seeing your posts and pics. :)

Alycia Mealy said...

Adorable !!

Lauren said...

Nothing like the love from a little girl!!

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