22 October 2013

Taking Stock

This post is an idea taken from Pip's lovely blog!

Making: funny faces and sounds at Elsie to get the giggles out.
Cooking: enough dinner to have left overs for the next days lunch
Drinking: water, water, water. wishing it was Diet Dr Pepper
Reading: Entirely too many blogs
Wanting: a brilliant idea for Elsie's birthday
Looking: for the perfect combat boot
Playing: with blocks and cheerios
Wasting: the morning away with long bubble baths and story books.
Sewing: a headband and banner for Elsie's party
Wishing: It was the weekend already
Enjoying: Utah's lovely fall weather
Waiting: For Chase to get home
Liking: The Shins Pandora
Wondering: What to make for Dinner
Loving: Bear hugs from my girl
Hoping: for more patience
Marvelling: at the changing leaves and crisp air
Needing: Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate
Smelling: Baby lotion
Wearing: leggings and an over sized tee
Following: baby feet all through the house
Noticing: the sleepy dogs on their bed
Knowing: I am the luckiest
Thinking: about packing for Arizona
Feeling: excited and anxious
Bookmarking: boots!
Opening: Elsie's present so soon!
Giggling: all day every day. oh this girl of mine.
Feeling: blessed.

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