06 October 2013


We've been here for just over three months and I cant believe it took us this long to take the 10 minute drive up the mountain. The trees looked more like a painting than real life and the cool crisp air almost took your breath away as it hit your face. The little creek that runs along the trail is the icing on the cake, making this area the ideal spot for a picnic. Or since we had just eaten lunch, perfect for stomping on all the leaves and chattering our teeth off till we couldn't take the chill any longer. The snow will be here soon, but until it is, this is where you'll find us.

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FARMER &the BELL said...

what shoes do you get for your gal? i want some for kaye that are comfy and cute but that aren't $40. she's been walking since 9 months so i don't think she really needs the soft soled shoes anymore...she's just past the foot development phase, i think.

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