10 October 2013

New House Wishlist

So most of the rooms in our house are decorated and have everything they need. We have beds, dressers, nightstands, a desk... Ya know bedroom stuff. But our family/living room is in need of some serious TLC. Right now we have an old pink rocking chair from my grandma that needs recovered, and a hand-me-down couch that doesn't exactly go with the feel of our home. We then have a crappy coffee table that is falling apart and an old rug my dogs chewed up.... and nothing on any of the walls. Well in a perfect world I would have the money to go get everything I wanted to fill that room and make it exactly how I pleased. Well we don't, so for now it will be a mismatched mess and I'll get over it. Maybe for Christmas we will get our couch. hint hint.

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