06 November 2013

Snow Morning

I wish I could say it was a snow day but it only snowed until about 9:30 and then most of it melted by the afternoon. But when we woke up and saw the frosty white snow covering the trees outside our window, I swear we were like little kids on christmas. We opened the blinds in our front room and just stared at it. Then we took pictures to send to our family waking up to 80 degrees in Arizona. Waiting for Elsie to wake up was taking too long, so we had to wake her up ourselves. We opened her blinds and her face instantly lit up. She didn't know what it was, but even at 1 year old, that stuff was magical. So we put on boots and beanies over our pjs and ran outside. Elsie kept doing her wow face, eyebrows raised, mouth open wide, pointing at everything. Seeing her with such wonder in her eyes was seriously amazing. Such a great Sunday morning.

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