15 June 2011

I even peed my pants..

Yeahh today we decided to take a walk with our pups. Sounds like a good idea right? Well it wasnt. Especially because my husband is in a wheel chair. It ended up with me being pulled by both our dogs because they saw another dog across the park. I couldnt hold them back but couldnt let go.. two pitbulls running full speed toward you would make anyone nervous. Even though ours are the sweetest dogs alive. Anyway while they were pulling me faster than anyone should ever run, I thought I was going to face plant, I peed, I cried, I sat on Titan until the other dog was no longer in sight. All while a cute little family stared from the play ground, and my husband was trying so hard not to laugh 100 yards away. Embarrassed is an understatement.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

lol. i'm so sorry! rough day, but it sounds like you have a good humor about the whole thing! I really like that you sat on your dog. lol. :)

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