05 June 2011

My Cheap Beauty Regime

Here is a list of the daily beauty care products I use daily.

My hair care routine consists of the following:
I use the body envy because my hair is sooo thin and flat. This gives it a little boost.
I only condition every other day to keep my hair from being too limp and smooth.
I get mine at wal mart.

This stuff is amazing!!! Probably the one thing I cant go without. My hair is dead without it.
This stuff is kind of expensive. Like 22 bukarooos for a tiny little bottle. But I can get it amazingly cheap if anyone is interested. Like 10 dollars cheap. But if you wanna pay full price its available at Ulta.

This is the current hairspray I use, but it makes my hair look dirty wayy faster that normal. So I am in the market. Any suggestions?

My face wash routine:
Cetaphil is wonderful. Its not too harsh but definitely keeps the bumps at a minimum.
I get mine at Wal Mart

Okay I have pretty dry skin and its pretty dang sensitive too, but this Neutrogena face moisturizer is perfect. Not too dry, not too oily. Plus it has sun screen a definite must.
Also at Wal Mart.

This is what I use to remove my eye make up and to soften my lips. It works wonders and lasts forever! Also its dang cheap. {Im totally allergic to all lip gloss/stick soo this is all I can use.}
Cheapest at Wal Mart.

Make up:
First things first. I use Bare Minerals foundation (fairly light). I hate make up and usually only use it to cover unwanted blemishes and zits. I get mine at Ulta but there are many other places that carry it.

Then I use Bare Minerals Foundation (Dark) as my bronzer. The bronzer available is too golden for my complexion, so I improvise. I ALWAYS use bronzer. Even if I don't have any other make up on. It gives a nice glow that I just love.

For my eyes I use Wet n Wild black eye liner. Its cheap, it works and I dont care to use the fancy stuff.
Cheap at Wal Mart.

Ive used this mascara forever and love it. I know there are better kinds out there but this works for me. I use the blackest black and always get it from wal mart *shocker*

And there you have it. My cheap and simple routine.

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