28 February 2014

Awkward & Awesome

For old times sake and because I'm really trying to document more of my life, I bring to you some of the most awkward and most awesome moments from the past few weeks. Idea credit to Sydney from the daybook.

•I was refilling our 5 gallon water jug at the grocery store when quite a line developed behind me. Instead of the normal speed, the water was barely trickling out... I kept apologizing to the 4 people behind me with 1 gallon jugs. When it was finally full I kept hitting the edge of the cart trying to put it in, and the cart would roll a few feet away. Id lift it higher and hit the edge again and push the cart another 5 feet away. This happened 5 times before I got it in. I swear everyone was staring.
•Trying to sneakily throw poopy diapers in the outside trash without being seen because I haven't even brushed my teeth for the day and its noon.
•Elsie trying to kiss the bug she found on the floor at church during sacrament meeting and the couple next to us that kept scoffing when we decided to film it. It was awesome how awkward it was.

•Elsie's top front teeth are FINALLY starting to show. I guess this could be awkward too because well, she has had fangs for like 4 months now.
•I printed out my itinerary and made a copy of Elsie's birth certificate for our trip to AZ next week.
•Chase got me a tortilla press. Homemade tortillas all day errrday.
•Ikea shopping trip without a husband telling me to hurry up.
•I wore a knee length dress last week without a jacket and I didn't freeze!!
•I redid our front room and let me tell ya.... I LOVE IT.
Have a great weekend y'all!

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