18 October 2012

5 fun things to remember

Being almost 9 months pregnant comes with many awkward, embarrassing and uncomfortable moments. Just in case anyone was wondering...

1. If you sneeze, you will pee your pants. every single time.
2. Eating anything will give you heartburn, but spicy foods will destroy you.
3. Do not go to last chance when you have a basketball belly, squeezing past the throngs of people all fighting into the aisle of recently stocked shoes is not just awkward, its straight dangerous.
4. Leaning over the bathroom sink in Target to fix your makeup and your belly rests on the counter that is soaked from the 4 year old that smiled so sweetly at you before moving over to make room. Now, you're not only huge, but soaking wet too.
5. The further along in your pregnancy the more random people want to talk to you and tell you about their pregnancy horror stories. Sorry about your 72 hour labor, but seriously lady!?

Anything I am forgetting?

1 comment:

BELL HERE said...

Het girl hey!! I hope you're having your babe right now!! I'm 40 weeks and five days. 0 dilated, 75% effaced. No end in sight. :) I had a woman ask me if I was going to get my membranes stripped in Costco. I was like... None of your business...thanks. I've also been asked about my pelvis widening and heard multiple horror stories. What's wrong with people??!! :)

Go get 'em!!



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