03 November 2011

Pedicure. The Free Kind.

I gave myself a pedicure tonight. We are saving our moola so I have to settle with a two star job and no massage or foot jets. And I might have let my feet soak too long resulting in soggy, pruney toes. Im sure you all wanted to know that. Anyways, I wasn't sure what color I wanted. So I closed my eyes and picked 5 from my assortment of 8 nail polishes. It was probably a good thing that I did them myself. The cute little asians at the salon probably wouldn't have understood that I wanted 5 different colors used randomly on whatever toe I thought was best. And when they understood they would have spoke to each other all fast in korean about the weirdo lady who wanted rainbow toes. Anywhoo. Here are my pruney first grader toes. 
I am now going to kiss the face off my lovely husband. Have a wonderful night all. kloveyoubye.

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