06 November 2011

Hair troubles

shirt: forever 21, scarf: ross, pants: old navy, socks: target, boots: dillards, watch: gift, earrings: forever 21
It is finally cooling down here in good ol' Arizona and I couldn't be happier. So its boots, scarves and long sleeves every single day. I took my extensions out and am doing some major contemplating. Should I leave my hair long (like in the above pictures) or cut it real short like this:
My hair is soo very very thin. When I wash my face at night, I put my hair up with a bobby pin. Its very fine, thin and just plain blah. Unless I wait three days between washings and allow for the grease to set in. Then its gets all this volume and Im in love. But even then sometimes it doesn't work out and you can only use so much dry shampoo before your hair is a thick clumpy mess. Chase wants it long and I really want to cut it. What do y'all think? Help a sister out.


Kimberly Michelle said...

You would ROCK it short!! I say cut it, it can always grow back ;)

Robin said...

Just stumbled across your blog, its so cute!
But, to help with the cutting of the hair...I just can't decide! They are both so cute. Usually when someone goes short they just can't wait for it to grow back again. So I say...keep it long. (maybe, i really like short too!)

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