19 September 2013

Just when I thought I'd do better

I told myself I was going to start blogging more often. I promised and swore I would blog at least three times a week. THEN we closed on our house. So I was crazy busy. PLUS we didn't have internet. Once we finally got the internet installed, I swore again that I would be better about my blogging. Well, we've been in our house 2 weeks now and I'm finally getting around to posting.
Let me just say that so far I am really liking Utah. I had my doubts, but so far it's great! Our house is awesome. I absolutely love it. I feel it's the best of both worlds. We got an older home with charm out the wazoo. But the family we bought it from did a ton of work. They painted everything, updated the entire kitchen, redid the bathrooms... everything! Except the original hardwood floors that are in amazing condition. As cheesy as this sounds, this is my dream first house. Not my dream dream house. But if i could list the things and qualities I wanted in our first home that were actually realistic, this house has it! We have raspberries and a peach tree in our backyard. We just planted 2 cherry trees and are working on paving our driveway to the back garage. Don't get me wrong, owning a house is A TON of work. But I am loving every second. Once I finish decorating I will do a photo tour. Anyways this has turned into a ramble about nothing! So I'm going to go make some hot chocolate (because its already cold here in the evenings) and cuddle up with a blanket. Happy almost friday everyone. xo

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