24 September 2013

Headbands for the soul

 I have a confession, I love headbands. I think they are adorable, especially on babies, and can add so much to an outfit. I always see women wearing all these cute headbands and I die a little inside because I have never been able to wear them! I don't know if its the shape of my head, my extremely thin hair or my ears that stick out a little more than I would like. But whatever the reason, I could never get a headband to look good on my head. So when I talked to Sarah, the lovely creator of Enchanted Lilly headbands, I was under the impression I was just getting headbands for my daughter. When the package came I was so excited I ripped it open as fast as I could and then I froze. There they were, two adorable baby headbands, and two mom-sized headbands, just staring at me. I sat there for a minute thinking of what I was going to do. She will never know if I don't wear them... Ill post pictures of Elsie in her's. That will be good enough. The thoughts were swirling through my head. I decided that I might as well try one on for the sake of it! And what do you know!? I LOVE IT! Maybe for some reason I've been trying to wear headbands wrong all my life, but these ones.... they are wonderful! And not to mention totally affordable! You have to check them out for yourself and see all the gorgeous options for baby up to adult! I promise you wont regret it.

1 comment:

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

Ahhhh she is adorbs! Loving the headband on her!!!

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