10 May 2013

six months

I havent written in a while. I've been pretty busy. Elsie is now a full blown crawler. Not to mention her love of climbing. She is keeping me on my toes. By the way, my little baby is SIX months old. half a year. What the heck!? Time is flying by faster than I thought possible. 
This little baby that grew inside me is now a little person. 
She has likes and dislikes and ohh does she have personality.
She loves her mama and thinks her daddy is hilarious.
Laying on the dogs and patting them until they get up and move is a fun game.
She is determined and strong, always wanting to stand up and explore every corner of the house.
She has recently taken up panting like a dog when she gets excited. 
If there was an olympics for baby bouncing, Miss Elsie would get the gold medal.
Basically she is the spazziest, funnest, most energetic little person I've ever known.
These past 6 months, I have gotten to re-experience everything through the eyes of my little girl. I have taken a shower thousands of times. But ohh the excitement of tons of tiny water drops hitting our faces. It makes us silly and giggly. Food is an adventure. The little pieces that are so tricky for little hands and fingers to grab. But when we get it into our mouths the only thing appropriate is a long, loud, "mmmmmmm". But the best thing is mirrors. When you see yourself smiling back, you just have to yell and dance. And every small spec on the ground sparks our curiosity and we must get it, and of course, taste it. Letting everyone know how it tastes with loud "ga ga ga ga's" and "ma ma ma's. We are working on "dada" and I swear she is this close!
With how much fun Elsie's first 6 months have been I can only imagine how fun the next 6 will be. It is so true what they say about every stage getting more and more fun. We are living in the moment, and are so excited for the future. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend it. 
I love my little family.

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