29 May 2013

a 7 month old stinkbug

We hung new curtains on the patio door... let's just say they are the best thing ever! Peek-a-boo and hide and seek all darn day. For some reason whenever I get the 'big' camera out Elsie get's all serious and not as smiley. But guys let me tell you, it's all smiles, giggles and screams over here. The joy such a little person can bring is seriously out of this world. The momma love I have for her scares the hell out of me. It's the kind of love that consumes your whole being, and you don't know how you would ever get by if something were to happen to her. I can't imagine life without her scrunched nose, gummy smile. It's like she never gets tired of seeing me and always wants to be right there with me. My little shadow that has become the best little friend. I love you little Mae bug.

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