03 December 2012

Lovely Weather = Park Day

The weather today was fabulous! And because that doesn't happen all too often, we headed down to our neighborhood park to enjoy the soft winter grass and fresh air. 
If Arizona promises to keep bringing us days like today, she may just become the best state ever.
Cross your fingers!


Kristin said...

you look fantastic! Love the picture of Chase playing frisbee with Elsie. So cute!

The Merrills said...

How fun! Elsie is adorable!! I hope everything is going well! I just saw your nursing post and hope its going better! Don't give up! I had a super hard time with my 2nd! It's the worst :( But I'm sure you've heard all the tricks! Just know you and little Elsie are not alone in the struggle! You are beautiful and she is too!! Cute family!

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