15 December 2012

10 Things: Elsie edition

1. Naked babies are the best babies.
2. Breast feeding is no longer a chore. Oh how I wanted to quit in the first few weeks. But sticking it out has already proved worth it.
3. Elsie smiles and laughs when I get her from her crib in the night. Her toothless grin makes those middle of the night feedings oh so worth it.
4. I used to think blow-outs were a result of negligent moms not changing their babes diaper often enough. I now know that a diaper can go from clean to completely full and all over the place in less than one second.
5. When I hear Chase bust up laughing in the other room. I ask him what happened and he says "she peed all over everything!" Nothing phases him! He loves that little girl. And woah, I love him.
6. Showers are a necessary and wonderful thing. Thank you Chase for making sure I still some "me time". I never knew how much I would need it.
7. Its kind of ridiculous how often Chase and I refer to ourselves in the third person as "mama and daddy", but seriously its our new favorite role.
8. Its amazing how little sleep you actually need to survive.
9. Newborn diapers are officially too small. STOP GROWING!
10. We can lay down on the couch at 5 o'clock, talk/play/cuddle with Elsie for a few minutes and suddenly its 9pm. Time really does fly when you're having fun.

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