06 February 2012

Happiness: A Choice

Remember yesterday when I promised super bowl pictures. Well I would like to formally apologize because literally 30 minutes after I published that post, my body decided that it hated me and thought the best way to spend Sunday evening was in the fetal position. It was one of those one second you feel like your insides are tying themselves in knots and then a minute later it’s gone. But it wouldn’t stay gone for more than 2-3 minutes, oh no, that won’t do. So my miserable Sunday has no pictures to share. I am also failing miserably at the February photo a day. I have done two pictures so far and it’s the sixth day! I promise to have one tonight because I plan to make a lovely dinner for my hubs. I’m not sure exactly what yet, so feel free to leave recipe ideas in the comments. We are eating semi-healthy lately {meaning we eat turkey sandwiches sometimes and drink cranberry juice}

Switching gears.

Have you ever been having an awful day where everything seems to be going wrong? 
This morning was one of those. 
My alarm went off at 6:40am and I felt like I had just fallen asleep. I literally wanted to cry as I forced myself out of bed. Could I be anymore dramatic? Probably not, but I’m not done. I made husband breakfast, packed his lunch and kissed him goodbye. I then got myself ready for another day of classes. I quickly made myself a little lunch and ran out the door. 
Once on the road I realized I had forgotten my lunch on the counter. I was tempted to turn around and get back into bed for the day, but I needed to be in class. So onward I drove, dreading the thought of sitting through lectures. When I arrived at school I drove around the many different parking lots for literally 20 minutes looking for a spot. By this time I wanted to punch someone in the kidney {I know how much pain those things can cause. Read here} I finally parked in visitor parking, which was as far from my class as you could possibly get, and started the trek to class. 
When I thought my day couldn’t be any worse I saw a lady walking to class. It was very obvious that she had a severe lack of motor skills. She was using a cane to help balance and manage her wobbly and hard to control legs. When she saw me, her mouth spread into the biggest smile I’ve ever seen and she said “good morning” in just the sweetest voice. 
Tears instantly filled my eyes. I smiled and marched off to class so she wouldn’t see. It was like a smack in the face. If this woman with severe disabilities could smile and be happy, then why couldn’t I? Well because I was choosing to focus on the negative. It is ridiculous that I was letting such little silly things ruin my whole day. 
Sometimes I think that certain things happen to lift us and to help us grow. I needed to see that lady struggling to get to class in order to be grateful for my life. I am truly blessed, and on days like these when I feel sorry for myself, I will remember that lady’s smile and cheerful, “good morning”. 
I am thankful for my crappy morning that led to our crossing paths and the realization that happiness is a choice. 


Kristin said...

good reminder for today Erika. Optimism has been less than easy to come by lately. I really appreciate this. :)

Heather said...

I needed this today. Thank you! I am saving that adorable photo at the bottom!

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