18 July 2011

I suck at pictures now

Hello there my pretties, I have been absent this past week and I apologize. I started my new job and it wears me out! I started coaching tumbling at Arizona All-Stars. One week in and I have already gotten hit/kicked in the face like 6 times. No joke. But I like it a lot and the hours are wonderful. A few of the girls I coach are in beauty pageants and have been on the show Toddler and Tiaras. If you havent seen the show you have to watch just one episode. It ridiculous. So school starts in a month and I am soo not ready. This will be my last semester before I transfer to ASU and three semesters after that I will have a degree in design management. Im debating getting my masters. But we are starting to get the baby itch and I dunno if we can wait that long. I refuse to go to school while I have a baby. The babe will get my full attention for the first little bit. More for my benefit than his. {Yes our first babe will be a boyy and yes we have a name picked out and no Im not sharing till he is born. There are too many stealers!} Disclaimer: I am not pregnant! Give it a year or three. Last night Chase's little cousins spent the night and were up at 5 this morning. Our sleep is too precious to us still. Speaking of I can barely keep my eyes open. You know when they are all watery and you have to squint to keep them open and you make a funny face? Yeahh thats me right about now. So I bid you a goood night. xox

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