08 July 2014

A "Bumpdate"

I'm 23 weeks today and I seriously cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy and has flew by. This little boy will be here before we know it. I cannot wait. Looking back through the pictures on my phone, I got sad that I haven't taken very many "bump" pictures. When I was pregnant with Elsie I took tons of pictures, wrote her cute little letters, and documented every kick and contraction. With this second baby things are different. I have a toddler that keeps me on my toes. Not that I am any less excited for this baby, but my attention is spent on my little girl that is here now. Its still fun when I feel him turning flips and when we lay in bed at night Chase and I just lay there feeling him kick and move around. Anyways! Here are some of the pictures so far from this pregnancy:

This is how we announced to our families

16 weeks

18 weeks

20 weeks

Almost 23 weeks

1 comment:

Karli | September F A R M said...

oh gal! i just love it! congratulations. our gals are just a few weeks apart and our second babies will be the same. i'll be 25 weeks in a few days...and i hope the remaining weeks fly by as fast as the first.

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