09 May 2012

Little Heart Beat

Let me start off by saying that while I am not normally the paranoid type, for some reason everything with the little babe makes me worry. 
Whenever I sneeze I tend to get a cramping feeling in my lower stomach (not to mention a wetness in my pantaloons) and a million thoughts go through my head, 
Did I sneeze too hard? 
Did I hurt the baby? 
Is this normal? 
Then the pain goes away and I just shake it off. Then a get a call reminding me about my Dr's appointment and I start worrying again. 
What if they can't find the heart beat? 
What if the baby's heart rate is too low? or too high?
Well today was my appointment. First the nurse checked my blood pressure, as always. 
"130 over 80" she casually told me. 
"Is that good?"
"Yes, totally normal." 
Okay good now onto the heartbeat.... one minute goes by, 
"hmm i'll try lower." 
Two minutes...
Three minutes...
By this time I am freaking out inside. 
Oh my gosh, she cant find it! What's the matter? Is she just dumb? Is something wrong?
After literally the longest 5 minutes of my life I hear the little swishing of the heartbeat. Cue huge sigh of relief. Guys I almost died I was so nervous/scared. But I left feeling better knowing that right that second everything was fine. Even though I knew the worry would be back next time I sneezed or woke up and realized I had been sleeping on my back...
I have been told by quite a few different mother's that I should just get used to worrying about my little kiddo and that it only gets worse as they grow up. And I decided that despite the worry I want to let my baby, and all my future kids, have fun. I played in the sandbox and look at me now. 
Germs shmerms.... right?

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