The Romance

The first time i saw Chase i knew i was supposed to  marry him.
He on the other hand needed some convincing.

It was August and I was sitting by myself during sacrament meeting. I decided to start going to singles ward and had no one to go with me. After the opening prayer i saw a bunch of boys walk in late. One of them was this buff, tall, red head. Now usually when i see a guy im interested in the thoughts that go through my head are something like "ooo he's mighty fine!" or "i want some of that"... but this time it was very different. i simply thought "im going to marry him". Thats when i got scared.
About a month after... so like September,  this guy i met at FHE wanted to take me on a date. We will say his name is Hunter. I was totally creeped out by this guy and turned him down {i wasnt yet aware he was friends with the tall red head}. I asked him where he got my number and he told me that Jake Green got it for him. So i had to call my old friend Jake and ask him what he was thinking giving my number away like that! Jake told me that a guy named Chase Thompson had given Hunter my number but Hunter wanted to make sure it was right. Me being a creeper got on facebook and looked up Chase Thompson and what do ya know... its the tall red head. I got so excited wondering how Chase had my number! Then i called my mom and sisters into my room to show them the guy i was going to marry. {do i sound like a total creep yet?}
Over the next few weeks Hunter and I became really good friends. I began hanging out with him and the rest of his friends almost daily {this included chase sometimes}. Everyone knew that i had a mad thing for Chase, but he rarely dated girls. Plus he had a few crushes of his own. But finally around the end of October, Chase started coming around.
We began hanging out alone quite a bit more and he would give me these long hugs goodnight and sometimes kiss my head. {funny how the little things can drive you crazy right?} For Halloween a bunch of us went to Jesse's cabin. I was going with Chase! Not just with the group but WITH Chase! I was excited and sure he would finally kiss me. But even though we cuddled a ton and spent every second together, no kiss. I was quite disappointed.
Soon i began going to the gym with all the boys. I would take turns being one of their guests and we would all work out together. It was pretty fun! Sometimes they would play basketball and i would watch and after they would see how many NBA three pointers i could make.. it was usually one or two. Anyways one day after the gym I rode home with Chase. When we got to my house he did the usual: got out walked me to the door and hugged me a lot. Then as i was about to go inside he put his hands on my cheeks, leaned down and kissed me. And boy oh boy he kissed me goood. I was quite giddy after that.
Over the next 5 months we dated but he was never very serious about us. We had a few little break ups but always ended up not being able to stay away from each other. In June him and his friend Jon went to California to work and invited me and Britni Owens to come along. This was the trip i fell in love with Chase. and turns out it was the trip he fell in love with me too. Then on July 1st i went to wake him up like i often did. After we said morning prayers together he turned to me and told me that he loved me. I almost cried. that coming from chase meant a whole lot.
Then 3 days later while we were watching the fireworks we began talking about getting married. More serious this time. Before the night was over we both knew we were supposed to be together. So i spent the next 4ish months waiting for him to propose! And finally on another California trip he took me out to the beach and proposed on the sand. Even though I knew it was coming i had no idea it was coming that night! We planned to get married 1.11.11 and so we did!

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